Friday, 12 February 2010

Who's going to be left back in sunny old England?

With the news that (C)Ashley Cole is to be out for three months with a fractured ankle, the media has gone bonkers as usual. Who will replace him? Even though in three months a ball won't have even been yet kicked at the World Cup, by then most will probably look back and think why were we worrying. Nonetheless England do have quite a few who could fill this position. Wayne Bridge, for me no. A injury hit season in which he has not played a well as some would expect when he has been fit. My choice would be between Leighton Baines and Stephen Warnock, perhaps slightly favouring Baines. He certainly can spread play very well and will dart forward at any opportunity. Warnock is perhaps slightly better defensively but I would argue that England need the extra attacking width provided by an attack-minded full-back.

Other options include dropping Barry to left-back, he has filled in there before but for a whole tournament? That's presuming England get anywhere near the final. Do we not have a better second-choice? Milner is another suggestion, he is very versatile and could do a decent enough job but wouldn't England want him playing in a more advanced role, in a left or central attacking role where he has been great for Villa this season? Anyway it's a long way off yet before this decision has to made, however most of the above players will know they have a real chance of not playing second fiddle and will want to prove their worth even more so.

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