Thursday, 18 February 2010

Champions League

In the Champions League this week, the officials made a number of different errors which is not anything new. There must be a better way of officiating football matches. Video technology has been suggested and and more assistant referees have been used. Whatever is done there must be a change.

In the AC Milan Manchester United match the referee did well until he needlessly sent Michael Carrick off for throwing the ball a little too hard. It was perhaps in the law that he had to book him, but this was extreme. He hardly picked the ball up and threw a quarter-back style throw. In the Lyon Real Madrid game there was nothing much to complain about however in the Bayern Munich Fiorentina game a huge mistake was made. The lines-man allowed Miroslav Klose's winning header (pictured above) even though he was so clearly offside. This was a basic decision which was wrong. There surely should be a way of being able to review this decision during the match. With more refs on the pitch this may have been spotted too. The Arsenal game had a big decision in too. With the game at 1-1 Arsenal goalkeeper Lukas Fabianski picked up a back-pass. The ref allowed Porto to take the indirect free-kick within seconds and Falcao scored. Problem was that Sol Campbell has said the ref was blocking him off. Though unlike the Bayern game Arsenal caused their own problems to an extent unlike Fiorentina who were very unlucky. Also in this game Tomas Tosicky should have won a penalty when he went over in the second-half under a challenge from Alvaro. Next season these errors must be taken out and then we can all talk only about the football.

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